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Real Estate News

California Broker-Owned Escrows Need To Submit Activity Reports
It is time again -- but there is not much time left -- for affected California brokers to submit their annual Escrow Activity Report to the Bureau of Real Estate (BRE). This applies to firms that operate a "broker-controlled escrow" that engaged in five or more transactions or whose escrow activities exceeded $1 million in the past calendar year....Read More
What's Driving Canadian Cities' House Prices?
A new study says conventional economic forces such as low mortgage rates and higher disposable incomes have much to do with the big increase in Canadian cities' home prices since 2010…but there's still a lot that can't be explained....Read More
Avoid Contractor Estimation Errors; Hire A Contractor That Uses The Bluebook Pro Estimator
There are many things to consider when it comes to remodeling or any other home improvements on a home. The pressure to get things done in the right way can at times be overwhelming. However, choosing the right residential construction contractor can help you release a great deal of this pressure. A good contractor should have adequate experience, proven credibility, and the appropriate tools to get the job done efficiently....Read More